The most important projects


Heating Plant Zenica
Erection of three boilers with 50 MW each.

AMZ – Department Agglomeration
Reconstruction of the hybrid filter number 5.


Mine and TPP Ugljevik
Project on construction of desulphuring of flue gases 2017 – 2019.
Value of executed works 2.373.006,00 €

Mine and TPP Gacko
Works on replacement of pipes on condenser TYPE 300-KCS-4.
Value of executed works 593.098,00 €

ArcelorMittal – Energetika
Contract on mechanical installation and insulation works on replacement of ESP filter to hybrid filter.
Value of executed works 523.456,00

Sisecam soda – Lukavac
Dismantling and erection works on reconstruction of boiler number 7 with power 90 t steam/hour.
Value of executed works 321.256,00


Oil refinery – Modriča
Replacement of vacuum filters of I and II level on deparaffinization plant.
Value of executed works 1.364.631.00

Arcelor Mittal – Zenica
Rehabilitation of the plant on pouring platform, dismantling and erection of ducts, rehabilitation of supporting steel structure of crane path.
Value of executed works 324.067,00

Small Hydro Power Plant Mujakovići
Supply and installation of spiral welded pipes Ø 711 x 6 mm and Ø 711 x 7 mm on Small Hydro Power Plant Mujakovići.
Value of executed works 311.267,00

Mine and TPP Ugljevik
Replacement of pipe hangers and pipes on shielded superheater.
Value of executed works 207.304,00


Energotehnika Južna Bačka – Bijeljina

  • Installation of high pressure gas line DN 400 and DN 401.
  • Installation, radiographic control and AKZ insulation of entire pipeline

Value of executed works 1.416.917,00

Mine and TPP Ugljevik
Execution of works on reconstruction of electric-filter plant on TPP Ugljevik 300MW.
Value of executed works 598.320,00

Mine and TPP Stanari
Overhaul of boiler plant 300MW.
Value of executed works 155.450,00


Izo Ekomont – Vlasenica
Mechanical installation of pipelines on project “Construction of system for supply of BU Rudnik with heat energy”.
Value of executed works 191.573,00 €

Oil refinery – Brod
Fitting-welding works on pipelines (from carbon and alloy steel).
Value of executed works 189.999,00

Bimal d.d. – Brčko District
Dismantling – installation works on tanks of fatty acids with accompanying supporting structure and pipelines.
Value of executed works 161.968,00

Mine and TPP Ugljevik
Services of mechanical maintenance of boiler plant.
Value of executed works 140.605,00



Hydroelectric plant on the river Govza- Foča
Works on assembly of the pipeline.
Value of executed works 286.323,00

Sisecam soda Lukavac l.t.d
Boiler assembly of 110t vapour per hour.
Value of executed works 346.372,00



Oil Rafinery Brod
Connection delivery pipelines to reservoir M-1.
Value of executed works 322.208,00

RiTe Ugljevik – Mine and Thermo Plant Ugljevik
Procurement services on replacement of the bearing elements of convective superheater.
Value of executed works 213.740,00



Thermal Power Plant Tuzla – Elektrical Industry Bosnia and Herzegovina
Assembly and dismantling of the economiser on the boiler 6 (block 5).
Value of executed works 579.966,00

Alumina Zvornik
Dismantling-assembly works on the boiler pipeline's system number 3.
Value of executed works 243.775,00



„Energolinija“ Zvornik
Boiler reconstruction with purpose of fuel change from gaseous to solid fuel.
Value of executed works 184.065,00

Thermal Power Plant Tuzla – Electrical Industry Bosnia and Herzegovina
Procurement armature with installation on the block 6 – 215 MW.
Value of executed works 294.003,00

Thermal Power Plant Gacko Mine and Thermo Plant Gacko
Replacement convective vorheater (KPP)
Value of executed works 379.634,00



Thermal Power Plant Kakanj
Reconstruction of the block 6.
Welded over 18.000 welds on the compressive part of the boiler. Dismantled 1.726.350 kg of boiler's equipment, and attached 1.232.777 kg new boiler's equipment compressive and uncompressive part of the boiler.
Value of executed works 330.077,00

Oil Rafinery Brod
Capital overhauls and reconstruction furnaces.
Works on preparation and elevation second, third and fourth section of convection coiled tube and consolidation of bearing construction of the carcose furnace 31-F-01 and section number 31.
Value of executed works 314.740,00



Thermal Power Plant Ugljevik
Boiler reconstruction.
Value of executed works 1.379.040,00

Thermal Plant Tuzla
Replacement economiser and steam superheater.
Value of executed works 415.756,00



Oil Rafinery Modriča
Revitalization Oil Rafinery Modriča

Hydroelectric Plant Trebišnjica Trebinje
Capital overhaul.
Value of executed works 84.746,00

Nuclear Power Plant Krško – Slovenia
Mechanical works on seizmic protection bridge project.
Value of executed works 39.864,00



Petrochemical complex Kiriš- Russian Federation
Contsruction furnace Reforming
Value of executed works 1.125.890,00



ArcelorMittal Zenica
Boiler reconstruction.
Value of executed works 559.580,00

Heating Plant Bosanski Brod
Construction of Heating Plant by system „key in hands“.
Value of executed works 1.350.811,00



Thermal Plant Gacko
Boiler reconstruction.
Value of executed works 815.183,00