Human Resources

The most important resource of our company is based on the staff. Our continual object is to attract, develop and retain experts from the field of our business.

The vision of our operation comes from all of us – individuals with their initiation and strong-supportive collective.

We believe that the company`s progress is based on enterprise spirit, enthusiasm and that the key to the company`s success is trusting staff to do their jobs.

The Termoelektro ltd. Brcko has over 300 employees, as circumstances require, the company may employ more experts for particular fields.

Personnel structure

  • M.Sc., M.E.9%

  • B.Sc., M.E.5%

  • IWI2%

  • IWE3%

  • IWT1%

  • Economists6%

  • Lawyers2%

  • Work safety specialists 2%

  • Operations leaders4%

  • Group leaders7%

  • Welders40%

  • Pipes mechanics30%

  • Locksmith assemblers60%

  • Electricians3%

  • De-glow workers4%

  • Drivers3%

  • Warehouse workers2%

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